November 2014′ Update!

I’ve been away for awhile. I don’t have a set plan for what is coming as of November 4th 2014. You’ll see. Check out my Back From The Dead post for details!

Everything below this is the original Welcome page! 😉

If You’re from the UB! tumblr blog:

The WordPress side of things is a little more closed-in, and a bit more professional. I post more on the Tumblr log, since WordPress is a place for the larger individual content models. UNREALBANTER! is an all-around brand, so anywhere you see it, you will see a consistent POV as well as content suited for that platform.

For the brand new UB! reader:

Welcome to Zakk Forchilli’s new and improved Social Media and Entertainment blog.

You may even see me throw out a couple of posts in a day. I don’t draft my work and save it for later. I like to throw it out there fresh, so me and my readers can get the most out of a discussion of content.

I like to either pick, or rip apart new Social Media Startups, Films, TV Shows, and much more.

Formerly ZFWP..

If you were directed here as a former reader of ZFWP (My Original Tech & Entertainment Blog) then you’re in the right place, and you will not be disappointed.


People always told me I had a knack for writing rants that actually got some good information across. They weren’t biased ramblings, they were actually quite useful. Ranting isn’t my primary thing—I did some very normal, laid back stories as well—but I sure was pretty damn good at ranting.

Some of my loyal readers kind of miss that about me. Although, they might just miss the engaging conversations stemming from other users, through the comments on my posts.

I plan to touch on everything I have in the past such as Tech, Apple, Social Media, Startups, Apps, Entertainment, and more. This time though, I’m going to organize it differently. I’ll try to make it not-so-random, as I was notorious for earlier in my blogging life. That’s why I thought I could use a fresh start with a new name, new makeover. The readers that have seen me grow over the years (since early 2007 I believe) on ZFWP, know exactly what I’m talking about there.

October 3rd (save the date!) is the day I finished setting the site up, so bare with me while I get back into the groove. I’ve been wanting to get back on here and write for awhile now, so hang in there! If there’s something you need, such as an opinion, a question, or any assistance at all, check out the Contact page. I’m usually social networking about 75% of the time.