The New BlackBerry Q10 and Z10—It Actually Looks Promising

Last night I was up late watching multiple videos of the Q10, (BlackBerry’s new BB10 smartphone [GDGT Link]) and I came across the launch event video. Can’t pass up a launch event video. The CEO of BlackBerry (Formerly RIM) Thorsten Heins is quite the charismatic soul, played with the fact that the ‘BlackBerry Hub” was the only platform to completely integrate Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into their “Hub.” Ha, that sounds familiar, seeing as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 has a “People Hub” that does exactly what they claim to have as an exclusive.. Was just funny.

Anyway, aside from that joke (which is no way will dictate this review), I actually found myself in ‘like’ with the BlackBerry Q10. Not the Z10—which is kind of nice—here’s my reasoning.

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