About Zakk

Update November 2014′ – This all pretty much still applies so I won’t remove it.

Name: Zakk Forchilli / Nickname: Cherfilli


Occupation: Like most people, I’m trying to figure out what exactly I’d like to do with my life. I’m currently not tied down by any official career, only menial jobs.  I’ve acquired a vast amount of knowledge of this thing we call the internet over the years, and I love it. Hope I can use the internet to make a living someday, but truth? I’ve got other things going for me I’d like to do as well. I’ve got too many goals for now. Sure, there’s no such thing.. But I’ve got to simplify and deal with the now before I go all Ace Ventura on the world’s ass.

History: Grew up in Upstate, NY. Got into all this tech stuff back in 2006 when I started my first blog, and started getting creative with everything I came in contact with.

To me, the blogging world was much more than just putting out information. It’s its own world. For me, it was interconnected with Social Media directly. It was surprising to people that I could be interested in something that seemed ‘grown up’ at the time. Now it’s the norm. Generations just get younger.

I’ve started and stopped a few blogs in my day, written for other’s blogs, etc. Those who know me, know me. 😉

Hobbies: This whole internet thing. Getting feedback and growing a blog, I’ve found quite rewarding over the years.

Used to skateboard, paintball, ride BMX dirt, did a little bit on the snow. Action sports are my thing, when I’ve got the resources. Anything on a computer seems to be a lifestyle for me, it all goes hand in hand. From designing to blogging to strategy and analyzing.

Film and Television. Huge film Geek. Encyclopedia status!

Skills: Graphic Design, Photography, Cinematography, Writing, Music Production, Social Media, Blah Blah Blah, check my About.Me.

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