Throwback: My WordPress Anniversary! It’s Been 8 Years!


I absolutely love that both WordPress and Twitter (I believe Tumblr as well) send you Anniversary emails for each full year since you created the account. Such a great reminder of how badass you are. I’m going to throw in a little back story in here to show how I got started doing what I do.

It’s been 8 years since I created my first blog. Right here on WordPress. I’m only 23 right now, so I’ve been blogging since I was 15 (2006, hard to believe). I was part of one of the first big waves of personal bloggers. I was also part of the ‘wannabe tech pundit‘ rush. Back when Digg was everyone’s single go to news source. That’s where we got all of our traffic back then.

Much more after the break!

Original Gangster

It’s been 7 years since I started my first Twitter account (which is still my active account). This was before it was popular for a 16 year old to grab a Twitter account for absolutely no reason. Those were the good ol’ days. Twitter wasn’t just celebrities, and wasn’t mentioned on the news.  It was jam packed with nothing but social media and tech news. That’s how I got into it all.

wp annivtwitter anniv

Pownce was my ‘Twitter’ back then. It’s dead now since Twitter went mainstream, but I recall worshiping the real Pundits like Kevin Rose, because of Podcasts like Diggnation, and social networks like Pownce.

My original blog, ZFWP, got a fair amount of traffic and I was surprised. It was just an experiment at first. I just wanted to be like one of the guys, as mentioned. Starting a blog opened up so many doors for my creativity, and is responsible for all the information I’ve been able to acquire about all the creative trades I love to engage.

I still do it today. Why? At this point it’s grown on me. I no longer do it for money, just a hobby. No domain, no ads. I’m not that cool. 😉

What about you guys? Any anniversaries? How’d you start doing what you do?


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