The New BlackBerry Q10 and Z10—It Actually Looks Promising

Last night I was up late watching multiple videos of the Q10, (BlackBerry’s new BB10 smartphone [GDGT Link]) and I came across the launch event video. Can’t pass up a launch event video. The CEO of BlackBerry (Formerly RIM) Thorsten Heins is quite the charismatic soul, played with the fact that the ‘BlackBerry Hub” was the only platform to completely integrate Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into their “Hub.” Ha, that sounds familiar, seeing as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 has a “People Hub” that does exactly what they claim to have as an exclusive.. Was just funny.

Anyway, aside from that joke (which is no way will dictate this review), I actually found myself in ‘like’ with the BlackBerry Q10. Not the Z10—which is kind of nice—here’s my reasoning.

Bunch more after the jump:

It Might Be Alright This Time Around

Thorsten Heins stressed the fact that they had to make at least one BB10 phone with a full physical QWERTY keyboard. Now, I remember having a BlackBerry Bold back in say, 2007 or 2008. I really did like it. Even over the iPhone 3G I had at the time. I ended up switching back to iOS, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy my BB Bold thoroughly. In fact, I loved it for awhile, but their OS wasn’t so stable at the time compared to iOS.

If this time around they’ve fixed all the cheesiness of the OS and improved there app store and selection, it will be a great platform to switch to. I’m not sure how comfortable it will be switching from the touch screen back down to the keyboard, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have made it if it was uncomfortable. They’re really good about comfort I know that much.

I’m being told that their new browser is full-featured, and can now keep up with the top dogs like Android and iOS. Windows Phone is included, too guys. IE10 for Windows Phone 8 is an extremely fast and comfortable browser—I actually like it much more than I liked Safari. Haven’t heard anything about JavaScript performance, but it should be good.

So Should We Switch, Or What?

That’s a tough question. After seeing the Q10 in action, I almost want to sell my Lumia right now and go grab one. I’m sure the OS is solid this time around (or at least I hope) and it would be a great throwback to own that awesome physical keyboard again.

Their app selection out of the gate isn’t much at all. BB10 is new to them because of the Z10 being there first full-screen phone, so apps all must be redesigned. Windows Phone 8 out of the gate didn’t have much for an app selection either, but it’s growing. If it doesn’t reach its potential by the end of this year, I’m jumping off the bandwagon—and then, maybe it will be an alright time to switch to BB10.

I stand firmly with that statement, and I’ll repeat it. If Windows Phone 8 doesn’t reach its potential by the end of this year, I’m jumping off the bandwagon—and then, maybe it will be an alright time to switch to BB10.

As for iOS and Android users, just stick with what you’ve got unless you’re a closet BB user that has left it temporarily for lack of a giant touch screen phone. Well now they have it, but I would still advise you to see where their app store goes.

It has potential of course, since BB is a huge name, but they’ve dropped their market-share substantially over the past few years, so beware the intro releases. Wait for the next generation of BB10 devices.


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