An Update On The Tumblr Blog

I’ve been away for a couple weeks, since the Tumblr sidekick blog needed some attention to get its name out there. It’s actually getting some unexpected attention compared to WordPress, which actually surprises me because I’ve been using both services since day one, and have never seen Tumblr surpass WordPress in tag traffic. Anyway, it’s doing good, check it out.

There’s also a new section here on WordPress (at the top of Welcome page) explaining what Tumblr users can expect from WordPress.

If you’re a regular reader of content here on WordPress and you want all the UNREALBANTER! content you can get, I suggest you subscribe via RSS or follow us officially over on Tumblr. There’s a lot of content over there. It’s a great platform.

When you subscribe over on Tumblr, you’ll actually be getting all the WordPress content as well. I send all of the posts to the UB Tumblr site.


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