Netflix Is To Thank For “The Killing” Being Resurrected For A Third Season

So today, a very awesome new friend of mine on GetGlue, informed me that “The Killing” is being lifted from the dead-pool  To my surprise, Netflix was behind it. It seems Netflix has been pulling some underdogs from down under, back into the limelight for production for a while now. They’re just that big now. Man do I love it. So. If it wasn’t for GetGlue, I wouldn’t have the good news. If I didn’t have Netflix, I’d be dead. Surely my two favorites right now.


Apparently they’ve come to an agreement (AMC and Netflix) that says that AMC gets the final word on all episode decisions. But hey, I get that. Nothing could keep this from being considered good news.

There will in fact be a new case altogether, which they so suddenly revealed in the season 2 finale—Holder and Linden get called to a crime scene last-minute. We will get out fix of Linden, and Holder. However, Billy Campbell (Councilman, Darren Richmond) will not be present, neither will Rosie’s parents. After all, it is a new case, with many new problems.

It’s been a long time speculating whether or not The Killing would come back. I touched on this fairly recently—link below. I remember the very second season 2 ended, I began searching the web for some evidence leading to a third season. All I was getting was maybe’s, and definitely not’s. That was discouraging. The more time that went by, the more we all thought the show was doomed—which would suck, because it’s fans are the most loyal fans I’ve ever encountered. A story line as gripping as this, that’s what I’d expect.

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As us fans  know… This show is one of a kind. Well, besides the fact that it’s a side-by-side remake of a Danish version of the show. The Danish version has their third season out already. Not sure if it’s how they do it over there, but they refer to each season as a new “series,” in parts. (Even when you go to the IMDB page, it lists only season 1, for the first part)

Anyway, how do we FEEL about this!? Who’s as excited as me? Make sure to stay connected with me on GetGlue. Comments!?


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