Why I Passed Up The iPhone 5 For The Nokia Lumia 920

Last week, AT&T blessed me with an upgrade. I had to make a decision. I can never keep money in my pocket when I have an upgrade. Especially around Christmas time. You know exactly what I mean, assuming you’re a huge tech nerd like me. Here’s my story.

The Story

I was currently using the iPhone 3Gs, since my iPhone 4 had shattered from a nasty fall. I absolutely had to upgrade my phone. The iPhone 4 was going for .99¢, the 4S for $100, and the iPhone 5 for $200. I only had about $130. I had to make a choice. The 5 wasn’t happening, the 4S was barely worth it since I’ve had the 4 in the past. It would be the equivalent of a software upgrade. And the 4… No way I could get something I’ve already had in the past.

Then I figured, I’ll check out some other options. Since being a dedicated iPhone user, there was one slip up in my past. I bought a Blackberry Bold a few years back that I couldn’t resist. It was just cooler than the 3G at the time. Those feelings are way gone, so Blackberry is out of the question.

TONS more after the break! [review + GDGT review]

Once I read the specs on the Lumia 920, I started to drool. I compared it for like a week with the HTC 8X, (the other flagship Windows Phone 8 phone) and quickly decided that the Beats Audio feature was in no way, worth the money over the Lumia. Come on, 8GB for $100, vs the Lumia, which comes stock with 32GB, for the same price. That’s lunatic.

The only hangup I had about it, (which wasn’t a deal-breaker) was comparing it to the iPhone 5’s camera. The photos on the Lumia were a little too saturated and less sharp. But, the low-light ability on the iPhone 5, was absolutely nothing compared to the 920. Now that I have the Nokia, I realize I made the right choice. I can get a completely full, gorgeous photo out of complete darkness with it’s one of a kind PureView camera system w/ it’s Mechanical Image Stabilization.

This is huge. The camera lens is actually suspended in liquid when half-pressed, to compensate physically for unsteady hands. It works like a damn charm for video. For photos, you still need very steady hands.

Thoughts / Why I Love It!

To get to the point, I bought the damn Lumia 920. Wild!? Everyone who knows me is blown away by me not purchasing the iPhone 5. I checked it out in-store, and It almost feels awkward in-hand, and looks awkward in some apps since they only increased the screen size vertically. It didn’t absolutely amaze me, like the iPhone 4 did. Guess I’ll switch back for the iPhone 6. iOS still has that master collection of apps.

SO. Why I love the Lumia. For one, the screen. Once you take a gander at the 4.5″ PureMotion HD+ display, looking at the iPhone 4 or 5, seems like you’re looking at a digital wrist-watch in terms of size. That full inch goes further than you’d think. When comparing displays, the iPhone just flat out loses. I used to say that the Retina display was untouched in the smartphone market. Boy am I wrong now. The resolution on the Lumia is 1280×768. That’s an odd number I know, but it’s great. 332ppi pixel density makes for a super crisp screen. Scrolling is actually at 60fps (frames per second) so you can’t see any ghosting / blur / redraw. The i5 has a lower resolution, and a lower pixel density of 326ppi. Surprise!

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is amazing. It’s gorgeous, the UI is very modern and consistent. There’s a couple apps that iOS had that we don’t get, but all the ones you absolutely need, are there. I’m a huge Instagram fan though, so it’s KILLING me, but I’ll live. I’ve rejoined Flickr though! [Me On Flickr] You can also try apps before you buy <3.

It’s a big phone. It’s quite heavy at first. But it feels so right in-hand, that you soon forget how heavy it is. It begins to feel completely normal and comfortable.

The things I miss from ios:

  • FOLDERS! WP8 works without, but still.
  • Instagram… ugh. Don’t start.
  • GetGlue… My baby.
  • IMDB app that allows LISTS, and LOGGING IN
  • NATIVE YouTube app? Are you kidding me?
  • Official POCKET (read it later) app & Flipboard (kinda)
  • Official Pinterest app (one for WP8 won’t allow Facebook login)
  • A well designed TV GUIDE! How hard is THAT!?
  • FULL FEATURED version of Google’s app. AND Google+
  • Snapseed (unbeatable photo editor)
  • Official Bandsintown, Songkick apps
  • Zynga / Pokerist Poker games
  • Games I already purchased on iOS (about $80 worth)
  • Native HDR imaging
  • Native Sweep Panorama’s (video vs. stitch)

Can’t say I miss AmpKit, because I kept the 3Gs just for that 🙂

Below is the review I did of the Lumia 920 on GDGT. [Click the photo to be taken to the full review]



Anyone else switch from an iOS device to a Windows Phone 8 device? What would you miss from iOS, and would it be a DEAL-BREAKER?


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