Get More Quality In Your Home Recordings, For Less With AmpKit LiNK by Peavey

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More and more people these days are learning to create and produce music at home. There are even popular artists out there that create incredible sounding albums from their homes with nothing close to a full studio of peripherals.

Like those folk, I also do not have the resources to drop a few grand on a studio, nor could I waste money with studio time if I just want to mess around a bit. Don’t get me wrong, you can take it seriously and get some studio quality stuff without the price, and that’s the truth.

I needed a way to practice my guitar skills on a budget of next to nothing. I did my research and narrowed it down to a few options. I had used the Amplitube iRig my friend had, and after playing around with it, I was impressed. Then I did some reading, and found that Peavey makes a something similar, with less crosstalk (since it runs on batteries).

I know there are other alternatives out there that are better in some ways, but I trust Peavey (one of the leading amp makers) to replicate theirs, and others’ leading amp models more than I could trust anyone else.

Much more after the break:

What Is AmpKit LiNK?

AmpKit itself is an iPhone/iPad/Mac application that emulates guitar and bass amps, microphones, heads, cabs, and pedals. The whole deal. There are a few other apps like it… But It’s my personal favorite.

AmpKit LiNK is the actual module/interface that you connect your guitar or bass to, which then plugs into the headphone port on your iOS device. It features minimal crosstalk since it runs on batteries. Crosstalk means the steps or barriers the signal needs to travel through before you get your sound. The less crosstalk, the better the quality, and the lower the latency.

They have a Mac application as well that you can use a normal interface with (such as an M-Audio MBOX). They’re supposed to have already released the AmpKit LiNK HD, which doubles as a standard interface for direct input to a DAW (Pro Tools, Studio One, Logic, etc) and a standard LiNK for the iOS devices. Unfortunately for some reason, they’ve passed their supposed release date.


  • —Very realistic amp models. Peavey’s own infamous amp, the 6505+ is included, as well as Mesaboogie emulators, Marshall, Peavey ValveKing, and many others.
  • Their pedals/stompboxes are quite realistic as well. They’re actually based on the real things such as BOSS’s main top of the line collection of effects like Noise Reduction, tons of different distortions, Wah, Delay, etc.
  • —Amazing quality for something that costs only $35-$40. Truly the cheapest way to get yourself going into the recording world. The possibilities are endless once you send it to your favorite DAW for mixing.
  • —Unlimited recordings.. I have about 1,000 so far.
  • —Metronome, Tuner, Backing Tracks so you can jam to anything including what’s on your iPod library.
  • —Copy/Paste any recording from other Audio apps on iOS. Garageband, etc.
  • —Export dry or wet recordings (.wav files) via email or upload direct to SoundCloud.
  • —Customize and rearrange signal chain. Head>Cab>Pedal>etc.
  • —Amps are obviously cheaper than in real life. $6-7 bucks at the highest. Pedals & Mics are $2-5.
  • —Share presets via email, or on Peavey’s website.


  • —Exporting via email is a hassle sometimes with large files. Makes you really miss having a real interface, hence why they need to release the AmpKit LiNK HD!
  • —Harder than in real life to find a good setting to suit you. That’s somewhat due to the fact that you’re using a touchscreen. It’s much easier on iPad of course. Much better with more room for everything.
  • —Sometimes the workflow can be a hassle, constantly hitting record, stop, record between takes.
  • —Metronome isn’t consistent with the count-in pre-roll each time. (Sometimes it will start actually recording a couple milliseconds later than the last take.


>$40 and you can get some amazing recordings for being from an emulator. Once you send it to your favorite workstation and do your mixing and EQ, you can some surprising sounds.

Throw in some Superior Drummer or EZDrummer from Toontrack, and you’ve got yourself a home studio.

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing, being broke and all. (Haha)

—I’ve started a SoundCloud group for Superior Drummer users.

—To preview the sounds I get with AmpKit LiNK go to this link on SoundCloud. OR check out the widget below with Part I of my EP coming out, titled ‘Imagine.’ All recordings done with AmpKit and Presonus Studio one. Go to SoundCloud for details or ask in the COMMENTS!

What do you guys use for home recording? This? How do you like it?

Anyone know when Peavey is dropping the AmpKit LiNK HD?


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