Your Best Bet When Holiday Shopping For Electronics (gdgt)

When it comes towards the holidays, everyone gets crazy—we all know that. But we also get extremely cheap, and we find out later—when all the holiday shopping is done—that there were tons of better deals we could’ve anticipated, but hadn’t found.

This isn’t the “Holiday Shopping Breakdown” post (that’s coming beginning of December)—this is a showcase of the spot you all should be browsing until that holiday shopping craze floods in.

What’s this spot? A fairly new site I may have mentioned before called GDGT. (Obviously stands for Gadget) It has a parent company, Past Future. They’ve done a great thing. From what I can remember, GDGT has only been around for one or maybe 2 holiday seasons.

Much much more after the break:

What sets it apart

It’s extremely social. When the shopping season is within reach, this is where you’ll find me and tons of other tech-nerds. Unlike some similar sites, GDGT didn’t half ass the social aspect of things, by just allowing you a shopping cart. They took it to a new level.

They  allow you to add friends, earn ‘reputation points’, showcase a grid on your profile page of what you’ve owned, what you currently own, and what you want, along with any custom list you want—and the big one, to review products.

2012-11-13 16_14_30-zakkforchilli's profile - gdgt

Reviews & Scores. Any user can review any product they’d like. Reviews show up on your profile along with all other relevant lists and information.

When you view a product’s page the first thing that jumps at you is a large score next to it, if it’s popular enough. This score is determined by a combination of user reviews, (shown on the right of the page) and reviews from critics (shown on the left of page)

{critics reviews = popular mainstream technology blogs and magazine opinions i.e.PCWorld}

Real-Time Price Alerts. On any product’s page, there’s always a ‘Get Price Alerts’ button. This will enable both online and email notifications for any price changes for that product.

2012-11-13 16_22_19-Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (mid 2012) review - gdgt

Wouldn’t it be great to get an email saying a price for this laptop you wanted, dropped $100 last minute? Or even save you time if a price goes up, so you don’t run out to stores?

It has everything you will need

Anything electronic you could possibly imagine, you will find on GDGT. From the hottest smartphones, to laptops and headphones. They make it extremely easy, too.

Top of the page (where you and I would start our product hunt) says ‘Find Products.’ Simple enough? A dropdown menu showing the hottest products in that category when you rollover them. That, or start a typical search.

2012-11-13 16_23_32-Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (mid 2012) review - gdgt

Share any product on Twitter or Facebook, or my current favorite, Pinterest. Share your reviews, what you own or want, or your rating scores and lists.

It has soooo much more, but this is the just of it! See for yourself!

So when you all need a place to start, I’d start here if you want the best luck finding what you need. Just search by price with the price slider (choose what exact price range of product you’d like to use, to filter your search) to navigate if you can’t decide.

Anyone would like to follow me on GDGT, the more the merrier! Click here.

Also—I will be putting out something of a holiday guide closer to Christmas time, but be sure to browse GDGT non-stop like I have been, until then.

P.S.—This post idea started when I was looking for 17” Laptops for under $500. It pointed me in all the right directions, and tends to wean out the irrelevant products.


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