GetGlue Streamlines Their New Interface

So as you know, I wasn’t a fan of the functionality of the new GetGlue web version revamp. I had some good things to say about it, along with a bunch of bad, but they’ve updated it a bit more.

First thing I noticed was the merging of the old and the new interface. They kept that same magazine like layout, and threw the old skin on it. It looks much better now.

Even looks like the ‘resolution’ is higher. They’re fitting more into the window.

Not saying much this time around, but I have provided some screenshots that detail the positive changes they have made recently. I’m also not sure when it went live, but it’s live for everyone.

I will say first, that they haven’t done much. It’s just a few touches here and there. They really need to get on the ball of fixing some of this crap! Can’t even check in to bands or anything but TV & Movies now.

They could ditch that, that’s fine but don’t make it available for mobile users only.

More Screenshots After The Break:


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