The Deal: I know that people always liked my nice, long, in-depth reviews on movies. I also know, that the majority of people would prefer short, straight to the point reviews. It’ll make them easier to read. So I’m starting this new Mini-Review Series. It’s going to have at least 2 movies at a time included. I’ll do some in-depth singles as times goes by as well.

Killer Joe

It’s a thriller, a comedy, it’s suspenseful, it’s dumb, it’s ridiculous, it’s intriguing. “When a debt puts a young man’s life in danger, he turns to putting a hit out on his evil mother in order to collect the insurance.” —IMDB

To sum it up, you’ve got an A-List actor Matthew McConaughey (Magic Mike), a semi A-Lister Emile Hirsch (The Girl Next Door), and a few other quite popular actors such as Thomas Haden Church (We Bought A Zoo), and Gina Gershon (Borderline).

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The performances you see coming from these actors are in no way foreseen. You come to think you’re in The Twilight Zone about 5-10 minutes in when you see a big bush pop out at you beyond an open door. Yes, a bush. Not a tree.

When I saw the trailer for this, I expected some wild shit, yet not even close to the amount of wild I actually received. I checked out GetGlue, to see what everyone on there thought of it. I heard things like, “Perhaps the best movie of 2012.” —eva_comaroski. From a nice, promising statement to, “Sick, depraved, awful brilliance.” —Kyle Tucker.

As you can see, there were mixed reviews. Some people hated it, and claimed it was ‘predictable.’ For the most part it wasn’t predictable whatsoever. Once the ball got rolling about half way through the film, yes McConaughey’s actions became slightly foreseeable, but before the action sets in, you have no idea what you’re gonna get.

McConaughey’s performance is so intense post-climax, that it literally had my jaw dropped when the final scene approached. I mean literally, I was flabbergasted.

main characters

From the get-go, Emile Hirsch is already playing a character I guarantee you never dreamed him playing. The Girl Next Door was semi-wild for him, yet perfect. While this on the other hand, is just through the roof stupid. The entire film has hilariously stupid written all over it.

Thomas Haden Church goes along with all the motions of this ridiculous deal they’ve made with Killer Joe (McConaughey). He does nothing when he sees chaos reigning on his family. He could at least give it a shot and fail, rather than sit back while your family practically goes to hell.

You will be amazed with what Gershon’s character has to go through / put up with. Her performance is insane, you will be wondering what Hollywood will think about it. I’m still curious. The movie doesn’t seem hugely popular, but I’m sure it got around a bit.

Overall, all the performances are amazing, jaw dropping, stupid, and hilarious. It almost hit slapstick at one point. William Friedkin (Director) and Tracy Letts (Writer) have concocted a masterpiece for the ‘close-to-B-movie comedy suspense thriller?’ I loved it, and if you’re anything like me, into all that crazy over the top Grindhouse type shit, then you’ll love this and you need to see it.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Unlike Killer Joe, I went into this film with very low expectations. I’m a huge Evil Dead fan, therefore I’m a huge Sam Raimi fan. Raimi did all the other Spider-Man movies. One through four. I wasn’t a huge fan of them, but I figured a new take on it wouldn’t work either. I was slightly wrong. Slightly.

This film does not need an introduction, you know what it is, what it’s about. I walked into it in a different mood than I had walking out.

First off, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Both actors from a generation I’m not at all fond of. Garfield not so much, but Stone, I can’t stand the esque of the films she’s in.

Andrew garfield’s character

Garfield was in an amazingly touching film called Never Let Me Go. I give him tons of credit for that, yet I still didn’t completely agree with the choice of him, for a super hero. He wasn’t believable at first since it started out as the usual, stupid high school drama flick. By the film’s end, I actually grew to love his character.

There wasn’t much of a split dynamic (between Spider-Man and Peter Parker) in this one versus the other films. It was more like the original stories.

Emma stone’s character

She’s in Easy A. I’m going to be shallow and say that I’ve said enough. Most people will have that mindset when going in. Thinking she’s not the greatest, I wonder if she can pull this off. She wasn’t playing Mary Jane, who didn’t make an appearance in the film, oddly.

Her character wasn’t believable until towards the end when their relationship really started to bloom. Emotionally, her character was very appealing. Anything other than that, was I suppose, easy acting if there’s such thing.

SO there ya go, the first Mini-Review. I will be refining it as I go so bear with me when it comes to general structure. Always have to warm up to a new way of doing things. Everything will be getting more straight as time goes on.


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