AMC Drama ‘The Killing’ – Is Killing Me..

I have to switch it up as promised, and deliver an Entertainment related post. I’ve been itching to do so, and this is the only one I prepared for. My favorite show, (and a damn masterpiece at that) The Killing, is possibly done for, and I’m not too happy about it.

// I’ll give you a quick refresher of the series. A teenage girl named Rosie Larsen is found murdered. The entire series revolves around this one crime. It’s no Law & Order, with every episode being a new crime, new investigation.

After all, it takes two full seasons to find Larsen’s real killer. It’s immensely suspenseful and innovative to do it this way. Based on Danish TV series: Forbrydelsen which IS getting a season 3. //

FYI: This turns out to be a rant at one point, but give it a chance. It’s worthy.

Fantastic information after the jump:

Bullshit Stories

Since the show ended some months back, there’s been a countless number of stories online, claiming it’s either finished completely, going to another network, or being renewed.

From information I’ve received just before typing this, I believe we can scratch that last option, of being renewed. AMC, for reasons that I believe aren’t valid, will never do such a thing. When they say something’s done, it’s done. Such as it being ripped from Dish Network.

Within everything I read today, never once did anyone from AMC actually have a legit reason for cancelling the show. They say the ratings dropped in the second season because they failed to conclude the central case within the first season.

Quick: The Danish version of the series, is getting a season 3. It pretty much follows the same timeline. There are, however, minor differences.

Innovating must hurt! 😦

I suppose people can’t handle innovation? I thought it was incredibly intriguing to see a series based around a single case in immense detail, rather than barely touching on an investigation in a single hour. It made for extremely amplified suspense, and hunger for more. And yes, I done went and got myself addicted.

This addiction I have for the show, (that we all had from the show) didn’t just affect our feelings for it all, it even affected social media.

I know for a fact that GetGlue’s popularity had risen like crazy because of the swarm of conversation this show caused. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s the same effect the Emmy’s had on Twitter. A boom in social conversation, period. I’m surprised servers didn’t crash at prime-time.

Usually there’s a bunch of randoms’ in the conversations tab of GetGlue. Some good ones get started, but with The Killing, it was more than that.

On the dot when it started every week you’d see some new faces, plus all the die-hard fans socializing to no end. Every scene was talked about. It was an experience I’ve never gotten anywhere else, with any other show, or any other anything. It kept me very excited to socialize about it. Looked forward to it every week, and missed it like a girlfriend for 6 days after.


I just really want throw in my 2 cents about this. I wish there was something I could do to keep this show alive. Joel Kinnaman says he’ll ‘shoot it himself.’ You know what? He might actually have to.

He knows what AMC had, was a gem. Sure, the Walking Dead is very popular, but The Killing had this wild, mysterious vibe to it, which it still, unmatched.

Not sure if it was intended, or if it was, who intended it, but the way they set it up to soar, was absolutely brilliant. From the previews and trailers, to the viral shit and buildup, they were making a masterpiece.

I’m sure we’re all sick of seeing these ‘cult classic’ TV shows get shit on, and put in the dead-pool. Ever since Freaks & Geeks, TV fans become more and more outraged at every gem that gets thrown in the garbage, usually for no legitimate reason. It’s always, “The ratings fell.” Ever heard of giving it chance? Doubtful.

Concluding for now: Those reading this, chances are, if you’ve seen The Killing, you loved it and are outraged at its possible end. All those who watched it on the reg, were into it. Into it. 

Not sorry for the AMC Executives losing maybe half a private jet just to give a show a chance. It’s pure bullshit. // End Rant.

Did you love The Killing as much as I did? Would you absolutely love to see it renewed for a season 3? Let me know in the comments! Or does my writing suck? You will be commended for you hate mail, because feedback is always positive, regardless.


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