Favorite Apps Series – POCKET (Formerly Read It Later)

Update October 25th: Pocket for Mac is now available in the Mac App Store. This is very cool! Makes me really wish I hadn’t blown the hard-drive on my iMac. :/ Hopefully they grab that huge market chunk and make a native Windows app. Never thought I’d say anything like that. You know 😉

I told everyone in my first post I would be doing a favorite apps series. Been trying to get to it. Actually staying on schedule, too! Start of the weekend and the beginning of the week is when I will make sure to throw out a post. This app series is going to be quick, and to the point. No in-depth reviews.

First of this series is Pocket. Pocket has been my best friend since I installed iOS 6. It’s actually a new, improved version of “Read It Later.” It’s got a brand new interface (which is beautiful) and a new tagline, of course. You can now ‘Put things in your Pocket.’ How clever. Lets get started.

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What I use It For

You can use Pocket for a million things. Mainly just as a bookmarking service for random snippets you’d like to read later. Makes you think, huh? ‘Read It Later’ was such a perfect name, although, Pocket is legit as well. Anyway, this does serve a purpose beyond just a random snippet bookmarking service.

I use it to organize research for blog posts. Instead of having folders, Pocket uses an extremely streamlined, simple, tagging system. By simple, I mean, straight up, TAG IT. There’s only like 6 buttons in the entire app, so it can be used by a baby, if they seem to need a bookmarking service.

I actually use a combination of my ‘favorites’ and tags to do research on my blog. It makes for a pretty legit system.

I will grab a post, or a tweet, or a snippet, and throw it in Pocket. I tag it with ‘unrealbanter.’ Then, I favorite the few snippets that I think will be my main story points. The most important things I will have to touch on to deliver a post-worth-posting.

Then, I can click on the tag button and go to unrealbanter. On that list it will show all snips with that tag, and it will show a yellow star banner on the posts I favorite. It’s a very simple, yet very powerful way to do things!

The one and only other thing I use this for, is when I grab fishing tips and fall fishing weather reports from Twitter. All those bloggers out there should grab Pocket. You can always download another app like this such as Readability, and use that one for all your random junk bookmarks.

main Apps i use that support pocket

Twitter, which I’m on almost constantly seeing how easy it is to tweet from iOS 6 nowadays. You can grab any tweet and send it to Pocket.

Newsify, my very favorite new app (which will probably be next in my Favorite Apps Series) owns this functionality. I’m very thankful for it, it makes this app complete. If you haven’t tried Newsify yet, you have to. It’s an RSS reader with amazing magazine like view. And it’s free!

Flipboard has it as well. Everyone knows Flipboard. To have all of your services in the same place such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, is a very good idea. However, many apps have attempted this in the past, and failed. –>

<– The outcome of these apps was a thick mess we couldn’t avoid regardless of how we tried to organize it. Finally someone does it right, and I commend them for it. Sometimes it’s kind of slow getting through all of that content, though. In that case, I just switch to the apps to zip through them. Needs work, but it’s better than nothing, for now.

Note: Apps that support ‘Read It Later’ sometimes work seamlessly, with the new change. The change being that it’s now called Pocket. Some apps have a ‘Read It Later’ button in which you have to configure which app (Readability, Pocket, etc) you want to consider for that function.

Other apps that use pocket

The only thing it needs, in my opinion

The only thing it needs to improve on isn’t actually within Pocket itself, it’s within other apps that support its functionality.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tag that tweet before sending it to Pocket, so that you don’t have to switch to it until you need it?

I’m always in a situation where I will throw like 10 snippets into Pocket at a time, before I actually switch to it. And when I switch to it, I then have to tag each one manually, and it gets pretty annoying. PASS IT ON!

Concluded: I didn’t go too in-depth with it because it’s so damn straight forward. I’m not going to go over all of its functionality. However, I’ve thrown all the photos in a gallery at the bottom so you get what it’s all about.

Do you use Pocket? What do you think about it? Better than Readability and the others? Is it a good thing they switched from ‘Read It Later?’ What do you use it for?


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