GetGlue – Nobody Is Pleased With Their New Interface

So once again, I was sidetracked from writing a post I had planned for the start of this new week. When I went to watch a new movie, my ridiculous social instinct kicked in, and I absolutely had to check-in on GetGlue, to see who else has watched “The Dinosaur Project.” I was actually thinking about reviewing that.

Anyway—this time I decided to check-in via the web interface, vs the iPhone app. I realized immediately that GetGlue has a new web interface.

At first glance, I’m like, “Damn, that’s a gorgeous interface.” I even sent a tweet to em’ with a congratulations. Never prematurely throwing an opinion out there like that again. As usual, this re-design is nothing in which it seems to be, and we will get to that in a sec.

People seem to hate it:

More after the jump:

What they’re saying, isn’t false. You can no longer check-in to books, gadgets, video games, etc. In order to do so, you have to either revert to your mobile phone, or there’s a nice little link on the bottom left corner bringing you to the old version of the site.

I’m sure that’s the most clicked link on their site this past week.

It kind of seems all over the place when you look at your main feed for a while. Like I said, at first glance you say, “Damn, a newspaper like columned interface, awesome!” And after about 20 minutes of browsing you realize it’s kind of hard on the eyes.

Lets get into it shall we?

You can see the newspaper like Feed interface.

Generally, it’s very refreshed. More of a pattern on the background, yet still just about the same color. The menu bars’ links have oh’ such pretty little icons next to them. ‘Little’ was an understatement, I take that back. (You’ll see)

It seems they’ve jumped on the modern web design bandwagon. The design I see these days is fascinating, and amazing. Although, sometimes I see designers going way too far with the current trends, and they translate as design flaws.

For example: They’ve made everything on the site double size! Everything from the profile (and all photos on it), buttons, check-in windows, etc! Sometimes that’s very nice. In this case not so much. That’s where the “hard on the eyes” came from.

See the gallery at the end of the post for more pics.

Inline Must Be The New Thing

Floating windows GALORE!

You see on sites like Twitter, WordPress and About.Me, where you get that box when you click on someones Twitter username, that will show you their tweets, their tagline, profile photo, and their followers/following. That window can be moved around. Your cursor lets you know what’s going on by changing to the arrow(s) symbol.

GetGlue now does that with as many windows it can get away with. Not all are movable, but it’s all inline, and ‘floating.’ You can see this for the check-in drop down menu, and the search bar over to the left.

So that seems ok, right? Forgot to mention that everything you click on will bring you up an inline, floating window. Every post, comment button, like button, list of followers, conversation windows, etc. It’s used everywhere, and it’s a little too much.

There Is One Quick, Good Thing.

The new ‘Guide’ feature (not 100% sure if it’s new, but it’s new to me, and slightly revamped) is a very handy way to find out what is playing on Television. The Guide is accessible via a slightly new link on the top menu bar.

It even shows you what is ‘streaming’ vs what is playing on TV. For streaming, they show links to both iTunes and Netflix, if available, in the pop-up window for a show.

In that same show window, you will find a new, ‘More Actions’ button. When you rollover with your cursor, it suspends a drop down list of actions we’ve seen before such as ‘Like’ and ‘Save for Later’ but now, there’s a ‘Set a Reminder’ link, to get reminders of when your favorite shows are playing.

I’m glad they made some room for a few exciting features.

Conclusions & Sorry For Bashing

Enough bashing it. I just do not understand why they actually throw functionality out the window, to make it a little prettier. That first tweet from @ninthart was very correct. I asked him why exactly he though that, and he said ‘because it all about TV now.’ (Not actual quote) I completely agree with him.

They’ve made it a cash cow for Advertising Television programs. Sure, you still get stickers for watching a film on the Blu-Ray’s release date, but it’s crazy how divvied up they’ve gotten, over TV. They’ve even stepped it up, and made TV Sports a separate, whole new feature.

// The interface does look very good, they just have to bring functionality back. In the mean time, there is a link in the bottom left corner like I said earlier, bringing you back to the original website design. (Thank god for that)

I think it’s an okay effort, but they may want to tone it down a bit on all that ‘HUGE’ shit people call a ‘Design Trend.’ I believe it’s too over the top sometimes.

Well thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

GetGlue Gallery


12 thoughts on “GetGlue – Nobody Is Pleased With Their New Interface

  1. I’m impressed, I must say. Rareely do I encountfer a blog that’s both equally
    educative and amusing, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is something that too few folks are speaking intelligently
    about.I am very happy that I came aacross this in my hunt for something relating to this.


  2. I’m really hating the GetGlue app now. It keep showing 40 or more update on the icon, but generally, whenever I look for them, I don’t see ANYTHING new that’s directed towards me. I also miss being able to check into the political radio programs that I listen to. Are there any similar sites that do what they used to do?


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